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Marin Wellness Pharmacy is a specialty compounding pharmacy with a mission to improve the health and well-being of our patients

Pain is universal for everyone and treating chronic and acute pain is the balance of fining treatments that offer you the relief you need to regain and maintain your quality of life. Today we face a crisis in treatments offered as opioid medications have high risks for addiction and over the counter medications don’t do enough to treat specific types of pain. At Marin Wellness Pharmacy we work with your physician to compound a therapy that is designed to help you manage your pain and to offer treatment specific to your needs. By using FDA approved ingredients, we can compound topical creams and gels that offer the advantage of direct application to the site of injury.

Compounded preparations play an important role in the treatment of hormone deficiencies and imbalances. Marin Wellness Pharmacy uses bioidentical hormones that are derived from plant-based hormones and match the molecular structure of the hormones in your body that fall during and before menopause and andropause. Because the hormones replicate those you are missing, they can rejuvenate your health and well-being safely and with minimal to no side effects.

Compounded preparations play an important role in the treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders such as anal fissures and Crohn’s disease. At Marin Wellness Pharmacy we customize your medication to give the best relief from GI symptoms. Our pharmacists specialize in gastrointestinal treatments and are happy to consult on the formulations we offer. Therapies that we offer treatment for include:

Whether you are a patient, dermatologist, or other skin care specialist, Marin Wellness Pharmacy can offer individualized therapies for all your skin care needs. Our experienced compounding pharmacists can formulate topical creams, ointments, lotions, and solutions for many skin

LDN has shown in studies to have paradoxical properties, including analgesia and anti-inflammatory actions, which have not been reported at larger dosages. It has been used to treat patients with opioid addiction’s as well as alcoholism but now Low-Dose Naltrexone has been used to help treat a wide variety of medical conditions such as: